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Our premium organic figs is the main ingredient for all our artisanal gourmet products, that combine both inspiration and culinary culture with a healthy aspect.

Brand: Askada
Deep into this figgy, sweet and intense complex flavor with a spicy finish. Made in the Mediterranean with the best varieties of dried fruit: figs and raisins!​Onion and ginger enhances the flavor, to produce a remarkably versatile complement with a thick texture.An ideal cheese pairing, t..
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Organic Fig Spread 250gr Organic Fig Spread 250gr
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Brand: Askada
Flavorful, deeply fruity taste and complex with notes of caramel and honey.A delicious natural spread made with the finest ingredients, as more of 80% is our excellent organic Kymi figs.The flavor is sweet and fruity, with a thick spreadable texture, and hidden lemon notes, thanks to the tiny pi..
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Brand: Askada
A fruity, rich and sweet fig syrup – clean and pure. It is the extract of our carefully selected organic dried figs without adding any sweeteners or preservatives, thus offering rich fig flavor.Ideal for breakfast treats like waffles and pancakes. Also can be used as dressing on green salat..
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