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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.     General

1.1. Welcome to Black Sheep’s – (hereinafter referred to as “we, us, the Company, the “Site”) .
Black Sheep is an online store offering for sale Greek Mediterranean, packaged foods. Owner and manager of this Website is the sole proprietorship of Georgios Tziries Cheir based in Volos, Greece, Ipirou 28, 38333, VAT Number: EL105483300, Tax Office :  Volos, ( hereafter referred to as ” our company “, ” we” , “us” , “our” ).

1.2. Access to this website , products and services offered through this website ( hereinafter referred to as the “Services” ) , the use and carrying out of the purchases are subject to these terms , conditions, and notices ( hereafter referred as the “Terms and Conditions” ) . By navigating the Website and using the Services and / or making a purchase for products, you accept all current Terms and Conditions, as well as occasional updates which fall in between our contract. In case of disagreement or reservation of your place or for all of these terms , please contact us before browsing or the use of the Services or the transaction , or you can send us a written letter or e-mail (, otherwise the acceptance of all terms by you is unconditional .

1.3. You must be 18 years old to visit this site and you must regularly visit to track any changes to the Terms and Conditions. However, changing conditions does not include orders which you have already placed, but it applies to your future orders/purchases . Our company reserves the right to amend, renew or upgrade at any time without prior notice to the user / consumer / visitor / member / buyer (the total users ) (collectively or alternatively ) : a) all or part of these terms of use b ) some or all of its content and c ) some or all of the external appearance (interface), the structure or composition (configuration) as well as its technical specifications as well as limited access to the whole website or in part and / or part thereof to subscribe . The company also reserves the right at any time , without justification and without prior notice to the user of the Site cancel , suspend or terminate its operation. Access to this website is permitted under these terms and conditions and we reserve the right to remove or change the Services without prior notice.

1.4. This website also contains links to other websites , which are not managed by our company (” Linked Sites “) . Our Business can not control the Linked Sites , nor does it guarantee the timeliness , accuracy , legal compliance, completeness or quality of the content and accept no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may result from their use . When you use the Linked Sites , you are respectively accepting the Terms and Conditions of each/the relevant site.

1.7. If you wish, you can subscribe to the list of newsletters / newsletters of our company . Registration is possible for everyone (18+), including non-members.

2 . Transaction description and services

2.1. Our website/e- shop displays , promotes and sells products of suppliers with which we cooperate. A supplier is defined  within the meaning of Law 2251/1994 on the protection of consumers, every producer / packer/importer / distributor, as defined in specific legislation ( hereinafter referred to as “suppliers”) . The company reserves the right to choose freely the products displayed on the website and amend , renew and / or withdraw them at any time without prior notice . The same applies to the pricing policy, any deals and discounts which may be chosen freely and make and amend , renew and / or withdraw at any time without prior notice and / or compliance period provided information users as and where legally prescribed.

2.2. Please note that the description of product ingredients and general information contained in the packaging of the products, as well as the production and expiry dates,  are implemented by the suppliers themselves, the ingredients of which are listed on the product. Our company (which is involved in the distribution chain only as a final seller) is not required to -and neither is able to- control, nor is responsible for, the truth or accuracy of this data.

3 . Privacy policy

You can find our Privacy Policy , which explains how we use your information , under the heading ” Privacy Policy .” By using this Site , you agree to the contents of this section and you warrant that all data you provide is accurate, true and updated.

4.     Restrictions on access and use the Site

4.1 You may use our services provide you are of age 18 (eighteen) or more. You may not misuse this Website, hindering or in any way disturbing the operation of the website, and the replacement or alteration of the content. We must not commit or encourage criminal acts, transmit or distribute viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or from posting any other malicious or technologically harmful material and generally not permitted actions may lead to unreasonable or excessive burden on infrastructure or operation of the website. Also prohibited breach of confidentiality obligations or use the website in any way offensive or obscene.

4.2. Additionally , you should not violate any part of the Services, destroy data , induce resentment in others , violate the property rights of others , send unsolicited advertising or promotional material , commonly known as ” spam » (spam) or try to affect the performance or functionality of any features of the Site or features that you accessed through the Site. Violation of this provision constitutes a criminal offense under Greek law. Please note that our Business will report any such breach that might come across, to the relevant law enforcement authorities and disclose to them any required details of your identity, in accordance with the law.

4.3. Your connection to our website is under these terms and through devices and providers of your own selection.

5.     Intellectual Property , Software and Content

5.1. The site

 is the official website of our company. The intellectual property rights in all software and content to which you have access to this Site or through it, remain the property of our company or licensors thereof and are protected by international laws and conventions on copyright. All these rights belong to our company and providers that license.

5.2. Under no circumstances should the appearance and visibility of the content of the website be misinterpreted as a transfer and / or license and / or right of use. Please note that you may store, print and display the content available only for personal use. With the exception of social media sharing, you may not publish , manage , distribute, totally or partially copy, transmit, process, store, republish, modify, or otherwise reproduce in any form any part of the content or copies of the content supplied to you or displayed on this website, nor can you use this content on any business or commercial activity, unless you have obtained written permission by our company.
You are also not permitted to modify, translate, decompile, rebuild or create derivative works using any software or accompanying documentation provided by our company or licensors thereof. Additionally, you do not have any license or consent use , in any way , for the brand of our business and agree not to use these marks or any marks that are of similar content , without the written permission of our company (except social media sharing).

5.3. Photographic display of our products
We have made a hard effort to ensure realistic and accurate pictures of our products , which are sold through our website . However, due to technological limitations, and especially because of technical characteristics of screens, these photographs may differ from the actual form or product image . This is quite natural given the limited technological capabilities , even using the latest technological developments in the field of photographic imaging .
Keep in mind that although our company has tried to accurately display the colors of products , the actual colors you see depend on the specifications of your screen and therefore may not be totally accurate .

5.4. We do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information or content of any products or services, software or advertisements contained on this website, distributed through this, for third-party content to which reference is provided through hyperlinks from the Website or of any linked Site you access .

5.5. License for website access
We hereby grant you a limited license to access and make personal use of this Site , but not permit making or amendment thereto or any portion of it, except with express written permission of our company . This license does not permit any resale or commercial use of this Site or its content, any collection and use of any lists , descriptions or prices of goods , any derivative use of this Site or its contents, any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of anyone or any use of data mining tools , robot or similar tools for collecting and extracting data . However , as visitors to the site, you have the right (and we urge you to!) collect and make use of the recipes provided/featured on the site, for your personal enjoyment.
5.6 . Reproduction, copying , or other exploitation of this Site or any part thereof for any commercial purpose without express written permission. We have exclusive rights over the domain names legally guaranteed to our company and all trademarks displayed on our website are subject to legal protection.You may not use frames or frame techniques to surround any trademark , logo or other proprietary information ( including video , images, text , page layout , or form ) of our business website and its affiliates without our written consent . You may not use any “meta – tags ” or any other “hidden text ” based names or trademarks of our company or affiliates without express written consent . Unauthorized use, permission has granted our company expires .You may not use any logo or other proprietary graphic or trademark of our business or open source code or part of the link without our prior written consent .

6.     Conditions of sale

6.1 . Making an order, you agree to buy a product in accordance with these terms and conditions . We deliver products within the Member States of the European Union (see on our delivery policy) . For deliveries outside the European Union you can submit such a request through e-mail (, which once checked though our relative procedure and found feasible, will then be executed. We will confirm via e-mail within six working days approval of your order and ship your order accordingly. Please note that the automated message that appears on your screen with the details of your order request to be processed by our company, does not constitute acceptance of your order. Once received, it is subject to this procedure , and if accepted, you will be informed, as explained above, with details about payment and other procedural data. Depending on the laws of each country , there may be restrictions on the sale of certain products or the sale of certain products may not even be allowed at all. You will of course be notified if such an issue arises.

6.2. In order to ameliorate our services for you and facilitate your future purchases, during your first order, you are asked to register as a user/member of our website (free of any charge) by filling out all personal information requested in the corresponding registration form. All information sent to us is managed only by authorized personnel of our company and within the company’s privacy policy , collected and processed safely and carefully and only after your explicit consent you provide to us. In any case, every time you send us a request to order, acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is required.

6.3. Our Business is working with numerous suppliers in order to bring you a wide array of products and even at the best possible prices. Orders can be prepared for dispatch 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. In order to complete your order and for your greatest protection from unforeseen circumstances, orders are completed as follows :

6.4. i ) Upon completion of your order request, our e-shop will show the total aggregate of your order including all relevant data. You then have to continue to / log in to the third party payment service provider to complete the payment of the agreed amount under the terms of the next paragraph ( ii ) below and Article 9 below . Upon successful completion of payment you receive an automated order confirmation e-mail message. Should you chose  payment of your order upon delivery ( cash on delivery is only available within Greece), then you will receive an order confirmation e-mail, in which we will confirm that we will deliver the products under the condition of proper payment upon delivery and subject to Article 6.11 below and under the terms of Article 10.6 , below .
ii ) Our Business -for the greatest assurance of transactions- may ( but is not obligated to ) conduct an audit through cooperating with that payment service providers as to the correctness of payment information that you send us ( in the case of payment by credit card or through third on line payment service provider) during the completion of your order through our connection with the third party payment service provider.

6.5. i ) Your order then passes to dispatch/completion stage and you will receive an email (e-mail) for dispatching products for shipment to the delivery address you provided (or in the case of multiple deliveries to the delivery addresses ) or the one you have registered. The delivery of your products is governed by the terms of Article 8 below.
ii ) If for any reason there is a not foreseen lack of a product, from the ones you put in your order and / there are problems in relation to the products included in your request , the Company will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible, either via the email you have indicated, either by direct telephone contact with you (or even via all the above mentioned ways) to consult with you for any modification, correction or cancellation of your order. If  it is not possible to contact you within 7 calendar days then the order will be executed according to similar product  availability. In any case, any modification of your order will be sent again with a new message to the electronic address (e-mail) you have indicated and the message will serve as the confirmation of your order under which we will carry out your order. Shipment of goods will take place on the basis of relative shipping Article(s) below.

6.6. We support local Greek producers and we choose the majority of our products from the region of origin / suppliers, therefore any delay on the part of suppliers will delay the shipping time from us. Again, we will do our best to notify you accordingly. Delivery times are subject to delays due to delays of the courier companies or force majeure , for which we should –and can- not be held responsible. Within the EU , delivery is usually within 5-15 working days after confirmation of shipment/dispatch. For further information, please read relevant article(s) for Shipping Policy of our company .6.7. To browse through and make a transaction through our website , you must be over 18 years old . Guests under 18 are not allowed to share with us any information and data. When you place an order, you warrant that all information you provide is true and accurate, that you are an authorized user of the credit or debit card (or Paypal account) used to place your order and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of your order. Our Company reserves the right to check data referred to in Article 6.4 . ii ) above.

6.8. Please note that due to the nature of our products , which are mostly products which are liable to deteriorate or expire, often quite rapidly, due to lack of preservatives  etc, or that are perishable and therefore sensitive products, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow the instructions given on the package of product . Similarly, due to the nature of the products, we do not assume responsibility if the product is not received by the customer in the case of payment upon delivery by our distribution area on the day of delivery of fault, ie the first delivery attempt.

6.9. All products are available only for personal use and not for resale, unless otherwise agreed between us. Our Business reserves the right to change any time the specifications listed on the website in relation to any product without prior notice .
6.10. When you place an order, you will receive an email (e-mail) which will confirm that we have received and accepted your order. The contract for the products will be established only after the payment is authorized and charged on your credit card or debit card or your account in PayPal. In case of payment by cash upon delivery,  products are delivered with retention of title. Please note that payment or cash upon delivery is available only within Greece and only in euros€.
6.11. During the course of completion of your order, you will receive a series of automated emails (e-mail), which will indicate the progress of your order .
6.12 We suggest you keep these e-mail messages (e-mail) throughout the completion of your order/ course of our transaction. Please note that you have to contact us asap, should you not receive the relevant emails (e-mail). We hereby  agree and acknowledge that the conduct described in Article 6.12 and the communication pattern of this ( via email (e-mail) or telephone ) covers the legal requirements written for your update , your notification , confirmation of your order , where and when the law requires . If you wish to object or to provide clarification on the content of some e- mail (e-mail) you received by the above, or for any other reason, please, contact us.

6.13 The payment of your order may be completed either by credit/debit card, by cash ypon delivery -only within Greece- or by third party payment platforms, such as Paypal. Through special request, if accepted by us, you may pick up your order at our offices.

7.     Prices

7.1. The Company reserves the right in general, and the user accepts this, to form free pricing policy, amend the prices quoted on the website and change and / or withdraw offers at any time with or without prior notice to users of the Site , who will be informed whenever the current price of the relevant posting on its website . Whilst we try to ensure that all details , descriptions and prices on this website are accurate , errors may occur. If you note such an error, in the price or other characteristic of any product you have ordered ,  please inform us as soon as possible and you will be given the option to reconfirm your order with the correct price, or to cancel it. If we fail to contact you , we will assume that the order was canceled. If your order is canceled in accordance with the Terms and Conditions , but we have already paid for the goods , you will receive a refund of the total amount (without interest).

7.2. All values are in euros, and include relevant VAT. The shipping costs are charged additionally and are viewable during checkout, in the same currency that you placed your order (euros). All charges that may occur (apart from Customs, where/if such exist), are clearly displayed and included in the ‘ Total ‘ amount.
7.3 . Although we try very hard no to, our services may contain typographical errors or other errors and may not be complete or updated. We therefore reserve the right to correct errors anytime, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information on the Website without prior notice. That also means we reserve the right to refuse to execute any orders you submitted on the basis of information contained in the Services that may contain errors or inaccuracies, including, among other cases such errors, inaccuracies or outdated information about prices, shipping, payment terms or return policies. By all means, we apologise should any of that actually occur and we will contact you as soon as possible, after we receive an order with such inaccuracies, so as to advise with you on what should be done (correct order and dispatch, or cancel order).

7.4. Note that some products (which are standardized and packaged by the supplier) may have a slightly different weight value (in grams) per package, but always within the range described on our website for a certain price range.

8.     Policy on delivery.— 8.1 Our company offers for your convenience several ways of delivery of products . When placing your order, please choose how you wish to receive (or to send, if a gift) the products you have ordered. Depending on the delivery method, and the total final cost of your order is formed, which will be included in the order confirmation .
a) by a cooperating carrier [DHL/UPS or other], for international deliveries (only in EU -and under circumstances –above mentioned- to other countries ) and cooperating Courier Services (ACS) for deliveries to Greece . Our company and its partners take all the necessary measures for the timely transfer of an order to the buyer under the schedule of deliveries of each transport company. However, we can not guarantee neither the arrival time nor the exact time of delivery of the products, as they depend on the shipping/courrier companies we work with. Our company is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure events or events beyond its control. In case of any delays, our company will try to contact you as referred to in Articles 6.5 and 6.12 above. Our company is responsible for the proper delivery of your order to the carrier and after that, responsibility passes on to the buyer, under Article 524 of the Civil Code. Transportation costs are always according to the pricing of each transport company, who may alter prices at any time. Our Business is not responsible for any such price change, though we will, of course, try to incorporate to our shipping costs as soon as possible.

b ) In case of exercising the right of withdrawal of Article 11, we encourage you to contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” link, to arrange a transfer of the products. In this case , you bear the cost of the transportation back to us, but our company will assume responsibility for the transportation from the delivery to the carrier. Otherwise , if you choose to return the goods to the carrier of your choice , and then bear the cost and responsibility for carriage yourself. In case of refund, under the conditions of Article 13 of defective products or for lack of guaranteed capacity, the return shall be preceded by contacting our company, and we will undertake both the cost and responsibility of transportation of product delivery returned to the carrier.

c) Gift Orders: You may also order one or more gifts to be sent to a recipient you wish, within the European Union, by simply filling during checkout on our website , the address and the recipient’s full name/data , so that the order be delivered directly to them. When sending gift orders to recipients, make sure the recipient is actually able to receive gift packs and that, generally, the gift will not be held for any reason, such as as undesirable, otherwise the product will be shipped back the billing address on the responsibility and expenses of the purchaser. Please have in mind that in case of gift orders, payment upon delivery is not possible.
Please note that deliveries are executed only during work days (Monday – Friday) between 09.00 – 19.00 local time.
8.2. Apart from any special charges that are expressly provided for in a product that has been posted on our website, general pricing policy is as follows :
i) The cost of shipping for orders within the European Union, via DHL/UPS or other ( excluding Greece ) is calculated in the shopping cart/checkout page ( depending on the data of volumetric weight of each order) and is included in your order form before completion and payment. Whenever a promotional shipping rate is offered, all shipping to European countries may take up to 20 working days.

ii) For shipments to Greece (via ACS Courier or other), the cost is automatically calculated in the shopping cart/checkout page (depending on data of volumetric weight of each order ) and is included in your order form before completion and payment. In addition to the above costs for orders delivered to inaccessible destinations, that is inaccessible areas, there is an additional charge of inaccessible destination, according to the charges of the cooperating transport company. You can easily determine if your shipping address is considered an inaccessible destination in your shopping cart.

iii) If recipient is not at the delivery address to receive the package of the order, the distributor will let a notice of delivery, with instructions on how to collect the order. In this case the risk of loss or damage of the goods passes on to the buyer, taking into account their sensitive nature as expressly stated in Article 6.9 above.  Please note that if you have chosen  cash upon delivery, and you are not found at the delivery address, and do not contact us via the Contact Us section for receiving the products within 3 days, your order will be canceled. Please contact the carrier company as soon as possible so as to see to it that you receive your order properly.
8.3  i ) In addition , please note that the products delivered outside the European Union ( EU) may be subject to customs charges and related expenses , that will be added to these charges, and other costs imposed by domestic law(s). We are not able to know what these charges might be, while the consumer may better be able to know or be informed of them or find out about the possibility of their existence .

ii ) Each country has its own customs policy , so it is recommended that you first contact your local customs office for further information. At the same time, please note that when ordering from  a country with such regulations, you are held responsible for entering the products in the country and you must comply with all laws and regulations of the country where they will be received.

iii ) The shipping costs for international destinations (outside the EU ) depend on the details of volumetric weight of each product and each destination. As we process your order, should it be accepted (under these Terms & Conditions), you will receive prior notice for these details to be fully and properly informed of the costs included in the delivery of your order.

If a product ordered is not available for whatever reasons, such as, but not limited to, shortfalls in production or inability of the supplier. or force majeure, for more than 7 -seven- days (after confirmation of the order), we will contact with you, so as to consult with you and resolve the situation accordingly. We may propose a similar product, other brands of the same product, or a product from a different category, or a substitute product . If you do not agree to proceed with another purchase, we will offer a full refund within 30 days (without interest) .

In our effort to maintain great quality and freshness of the products we offer, we perform small and frequent orders to our suppliers and do not keep large stocks in our warehouse, reducing thus the time between delivery from producer and delivery to our clients.


9.1. In order to better and more efficiently be of service to you, our company offers choices on payment methods. In this context, you have the ability to choose, as listed below, payment method for the products you are interested to buy as follows: a) charging your credit/debit card b ) through a third party online payment provider partner, such as ex. PayPal, c) by paying upon delivery -only in Greece-. Please note that there is no possibility of combining different methods of payment for the same order.

9.2. We accept payment with VISA cards, (VISA Debit and Credit cards), MasterCard, Maestro, and PayPal. Cash is accepted only with payment upon delivery, in Greece only, and with an additional charge. We do not accept checks as a payment method for purchases.

9.3. If you select as payment method Credit card, the process will be carried out and completed through our trusted partner banking institution, who provides all the guarantees of security of electronic transactions. Your transactions in our store are protected by maximum online security systems, as governed by a declaration of our partner financial institution’s protocol PCI / PSS which guarantee a safe trading environment in many large enterprises worldwide . The collection and processing and payment information that you send us may be gathered and processed only by the financial institution partners, who are solely responsible for the processing to complete the payment.

9.4. If you choose to pay by credit/debit card we kindly advise to be present upon delivery, with your credit/debit card or your personal identification document(s).

9.5. If you choose to pay via PayPal, you agree and acknowledge that you are subject to the terms and conditions of the particular on line payment provider as indeed it has contracted with them when you registered as a member . Our company is not responsible for the policies and procedures of PayPal or any other online payment provider. If you choose to pay through a third party payment provider (eg PayPal) you may be charged with an extra fee for which you will be notified during checkout.

9.6. Please note that payment upon delivery of your order -applies only in Greece-, is possible with an additional fee/charge. Pay only by cash and only in euro the employee of the carroer company, after checking the product(s) you receive. Payment upon delivery can not be used in multiple delivery addresses.

9.7. Under current tax rules, orders worth over €50 have to have a retail receipt with the byers full name & surname and address. Orders over €500 to individuals ( retail receipt ) should be paid ONLY in the following ways :

Charge to your credit or debit card
Payment via PayPal (or other third party online payment provider).

9.8. Discount coupons, promotional codes , special offers

At times, we may offer promotional or discount coupons which are valid for specific purchases made through this Site . The conditions of use of any coupon or promotion code will be identified at the time of issuance and shall clearly indicate the terms of usage, such as date of expiry or other. Additionally, we often create special offers, which will apply only when used individually.

10.   Withdrawal

10.1. Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with doing business with us. We therefore invite you to check the products upon receipt. However, if you receive a defective product or if there is any other issue regarding your order, please contact us as soon as possible, so as to see to it. Please, also consult Article 8 for the Delivery Policy which governs the issues of returns and run through our contract.

10.2. Users making purchases through our online store as consumers can make a rescission of the sale and purchase within 14 days of receipt of the order by sending (within that period ) the rescission/ withdrawal form properly filled in and signed, as follows, provided that in this case both ( product and rescission form) are received by our company within 14 days of receipt of the order/product.  Some of the products we sell, are products which are liable to deterioration or rather rapid expiry, or are perishable and therefore sensitive products. We therefore inform you that products are specifically exempted by law from the right of rescission/withdrawal. These products can not be returned on the basis of unjustified rescission/withdrawal. For details on the list of products excluded from rescission/withdrawal, please click here –

Please note that the criteria for the determination of excluding the possibility of rescission/withdrawal of products are specified by law, and include: the fragile nature of the product, ease of altering /deterioration or short expiration date and are determined according to the usual practices and on the basis of statements and related maintenance instructions and conservation of manufacturers, such as those shown on the listed indications on product labels.

10.3. In case you exercise your right to withdraw from the purchase of products -not exempted- then procedures on rescission/withdrawal of products purchased from our online store are as follows :

a) Refund will be made at the latest within 14 days of exercising the right of withdrawal (sending the relevant email (e-mail) provided for in Article 11.2 . ) by sending them, under your responsibility and on your expenses, to our headquarters/offices, Black Sheep-Ipirou 28, 38333, Volos, Greece.

b ) In order for your rescission to be eligible, apart from the nature of the product, you must send the product to us in the state received , not having been used , complete, with its original packaging intact, together with all the documents accompanying the product/order and given you have maintained the correct storage conditions .

c). The products being returned must be sent to the above address and must be accompanied by: a) Receipt Retail / Sales Invoice or Delivery Note and Statement of Rescission/Withdrawal (even if you already have sent it through e-mail –electronically-) . In particular , this form must be completed with all the data/information required, be printed and signed by you. You must then attach the form along with the returning package.

d). Under the conditions of paragraphs b ) and c ) above, the refund of the price you have already paid will be made directly by us or in collaboration with the cooperating payment provider you used, within the time period indicated by law in case of withdrawal. If you paid through a third party payment provider (ex. PayPal, Credit card, etc. ) you may be charged with a fee charged by the third party provider under their specific conditions of use and operation, with no responsibility of our company .

e) It is particularly noted that unless these conditions are met, or if there is not one of the above documents accompanying the product , your request for withdrawal/cancellation can not be satisfied and the product will be returned to you freight prepaid.

11. Changing / canceling order

11.1.Change or cancel an order can only be accepted if the Confirmation of Order e-mail has not been sent to you , ex. the order has not been completed. It is noted that after the order confirmation e-mail, it is not possible to cancel or change the provided delivery address for any reason, because of security reasons (to combat fraud). Should you notice that there is an error in the information provided by you in your order, please contact us immediately, so as to obviate wrong orders and further actions.

11.2.If you are a consumer, according to relevant Law(s), you may exercise the right of rescission/withdrawal provided for in Article 11 above.

11.3 However, in case of any issue regarding your order, please contact us.

11.4. For any amount already paid to our company for an order you placed and then cancel or change as mentioned above , you will be refunded the relevant amount through the same payment method you used to pay for your order

12.   Returns due to defect or lack of guaranteed properties

12.1 Our aim is to ensure your total satisfaction when buying from us. However, if it so happens that you receive a defective product, or if any other problem arises concerning the products you received due to our fault, please contact us as soon as possible, so as to see to it together and find a way, if possible, to fix the problem.

12.2. In all cases of return of an actual defective product, or proven with lack of guaranteed properties due to our fault , purchased from our online store, procedure is as follows :

i ) Returns are only made to our Headquarters/Offices, Black Sheep-Ipirou 28, 38333, Volos, Greece. The receipt of the product by our company will be handled only by our carrier partner after you first contact us to inform us of the problem that has been found on the product . Receipt of the returning item(s) will be exclusively from the delivery address you stated/provided when placing your order .

ii ) To be eligible for a return, the item should be in the condition received , has not been used , complete with the original packaging intact and given you have maintained the correct storage conditions .

iii ) . The product(s) being returned must be accompanied by: By Retail Receipt/ Sales Invoice or Delivery Note. Please note that if any of the above documents accompanying the product is missing, your request can not be satisfied and the product can not be accepted by our Company. Within a reasonable time we will process your request for return.

13. Disclaimer

13.1. The contents of this Site (as posted to the products and services offered) is provided without any guarantees, conditions or other guarantees for accuracy. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law , our company and its suppliers , content providers and advertisers expressly exclude hereby any conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be drawn from applicable law and shall not be liable for any damage including, but without limitation, direct , indirect , special , consequential , or incidental damages punished , or damages for loss of use , profits, data or other property , damage to reputation or reputation , or the cost of providing substitute goods and services resulting from or related to the use , inability to use , operation or failures of this Website or the linked Sites and any materials posted there, regardless of whether such damages were possible be predicted or arising under the contract , to conduct purchase from our website , the products of our website or tort , under applicable law or otherwise. Moreover, we are not to be held responsible if you are entitled to a refund by a third party provider, after we have timely proceeded with all required actions to them.

13.2. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused by denial of service , viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your hardware , your software , data or other proprietary material due to the use of this Site or download any material has been posted on this or any website linked to it.

13.3 . Our Business and our affiliates make every effort, within the context of technological control operating at regular intervals , so that services , content and transactions on our Website take place seamlessly and without interruption and maintain a high level of security features. We are though not to be held responsible , if for any reason , including negligence , the webite/e-shop shuts or becomes difficult and / or impossible to access it and / or if , despite the maintained security measures , we identify ” viruses ” or other malicious software and transmitted to the terminals of the users / visitors, or if unauthorized third parties intervene in any way to the content and operation of the site, making it difficult to use or causing problems to its proper functioning, or stealing data relating to users personal data. Moreover, we are not responsible in case of interruption of access to our site for reasons beyond our sphere of influence and owed to technical or other failure of the network or force majeure events.

14.   Links on this Website

You can browse to and log in our e-shop/website, provided you are 18 years old and  act in a fair and lawful manner , without harm or taking advantage of our reputation. You may not create a link to imply any kind of relationship with us, or approval or support from us where none exists. This website may not be placed in context to any other website nor may you create a link to any part of this Website other than the home page. We reserve the right to remove permission of access without prior notice .

15.   Disclaimer in relation to ownership of trade marks, images of people and copyrights of third parties

Unless otherwise indicated, all persons (including their names and images), the third party trademarks and images of the products, services and / or third party sites on this website are given under agreement to our business. Any trademarks / names appearing on this website are owned by their respective trademark owners.  Any reference to a trademark or name is used solely to describe or identify the products and services and is not certified in any way that the products and services are ours or directly associated with our business. You may not extract and / or reuse parts of the content on the Site without the written consent of our company (except for Social Media Sharing cases). It is not allowed to use any data mining tools , robot tools or similar data gathering and extraction to export any Content ( either once or several times) or to reuse any substantial parts of this Website , without the express written consent of our company . Additionally, you may not create and / or publish your own database that contain substantial ( ex. our prices and product listings ) parts of this Site without the express written consent of our company .

16.   Compensation

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless our company and its directors, officers, employees, consultants , agents , and affiliates from any and all third party claims , liability , damages and / or costs ( including , but not limited to , fees of legal advisers ) arising from use of the Site or breach by you of these Terms and Conditions. In any case , and if any damage is made to our company due to your proven negligence, our company is only liable to cover any actual loss of the injured party from and relates directly to the harmful event and negligence of our business . Nor are all the limitations of liability set out in these terms of use which recognizes and accepts the user / consumer / visitor / member of our website in its entirety as valid and in accordance with good faith and fair market conditions.

17.   Modification

Our company has the right, at its sole discretion , to modify at any time and without notice, remove or change the Services and / or any page of this Site .

18.   Nullity

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is unenforceable ( including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you ) the enforceability of any other part of these Terms and Conditions shall not be affected – all other conditions will remain in full force. In any case , if possible, there is the possibility of a term / sub – clause or part of a clause / sub – clause be considered separately in order to make valid the remainder of the term shall be construed accordingly . Otherwise , you agree that the term should be corrected and construed so as close as possible to the original meaning of the clause / sub – clause , in accordance with the law.

19.   Contact

19.1 We always appreciate any feedback information of our clients or other suggestions about our website and our business, but understand that the fact that we use it does not imply any obligation of ours to use it,  or to compensate you for it (just as you have no obligation to give us this feedback). By submitting any material to us , you agree to use the Website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to assign to our company the above mentioned license in connection with these terms , do not submit or disclose any material on the Website, otherwise you are considered to accept the Terms and Conditions.

19.2 . When you visit the Site or send us e- mail (e-mail), you are communicating with us electronically . We communicate with you via e- mail or by posting notices on this website. Under our contract , you agree to receive electronic communications from us , and that all agreements , notices , disclosures and other communications which you provide electronically satisfy all legal requirements for written communication.
We have a complaint handling procedure to try to resolve any dispute arising . If you have any complaints, requests  or comments, please contact our Customer Support via our Contact Us section .

20.   Through social media (social media)

The Website may provide you the option of interacting through social media, the options “I like ” of Facebook, and other sharing options/buttons, at Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others. These characteristics may allow access and / or link to your accounts on social networks . We do not control these services and social network profiles on them and we can not change your privacy settings on these services or to set rules on how to use your personal information to these services . These issues can be checked only by you and the provider of social networking , not our business. Before using any such feature is available on our website , we recommend you to read all policies and information about the services of the respective social media to better be informed regarding their privacy policies . We are not responsible for any actions or omissions of any use by you of features included in their platform .

21.   Resignation

21.1 To the extent permitted we hereby exclude liability for any claims , losses, demands or damages of any kind on the Site or data displayed on it, including , without limitation, direct , indirect , incidental or consequential loss or damage , whether resulting from the following indicative questions , loss of profits , loss of revenue, loss of data , loss of use or otherwise, whether our company had been warned of the possibility of such losses or not. The foregoing will apply whether such claims , loss or damages arise in tort, delict , under contract , negligence , under applicable law or otherwise. However , using our Services does not affect your statutory rights. Always bear in mind that our website is provided ” as is” . Consequently , access to it is done solely with responsibility of the visitor / user.
21.2 . We can not take responsibility for damage caused to suppliers and related products or services that you find on our site . Our primary role is reselling and providing the products in accordance with the laws governing our actions . We can not be held responsible for defects beyond our control .

22.   Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Greece and the European Union ( EU) . You agree , as we do , that you are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens in Greece , Europe .

23.The contract

23.1 These Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are integral parts of the ” Terms and Conditions ” and totally binding the parties ( the company and its users) and together they constitute the entire agreement of the parties and supersede any and all prior agreements between you and our company.
23.2 . If any provision of the contract is held to be abusive or canceled this does not entrain other conditions of the contract, which remain valid and binding for the parties .
23.3 Any delay in exercising the parts of some or all of the rights under these terms does not result in weakening or waiver of this right which may be exercised at any time at a later stage and during the reasonable judgment of the recipient .

According to Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated into Greek law by Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, now with the possibility of online consumer dispute resolution in the Alternative Dispute Resolution process throughout the European Union. If the Client has a problem with a purchase conducted by an Online Store, and is residing in the EU, they can use the following website:


or the following:

for an out of court settlement. A certified for this purpose Body Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the European Consumer Centre of Greece (GREECE ECC), Alexandras Av. No. 144, 11 471, Athens, +30 2106460284 +30 2106460784, The Client can communicate with that body in order to guide the entire process of submission and processing of their complaint.

The protection given by the provisions of the Law on contracts concluded by distance, as these terms underline, apply to transactions with individuals, who traded for purposes that are outside their trade, craft, business or liberal professional activity.

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