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Payment methods

Payment Methods

When completing your purchase, in our online store, you can choose the payment method from the corresponding menu, so that you can automatically see the corresponding charge.

You can pay for your purchase in the following ways:

1. By bank deposit or by e-banking in the bank: Piraeus.

2. Cash on delivery. (cash on delivery costs are also charged)

3. Via PayPal. (with your credit card).

4. With automatic payment through Piraeus Bank. (with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro card)

Bank accounts for deposit or transfer via e-banking: PIRAEUS: GR7301726100005610099175754 or 5610099175754 


In the reason for the deposit, use the order number & the name in which your order was placed so that your deposit can be identified quickly. Payment by bank must correspond to the exact amount of your order. If there are payment costs, you will be charged in full. If a deadline of 15 days has elapsed, without the bank deposit, the order will be automatically canceled.

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